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CCFAW are making huge strides locally to save thousands of cats' lives through Trap Neuter Return, and promoting and assisting with spay/neuter of  pets.  Reducing the pet overpopulation problem means less animals needlessly die in our local shelters, or suffer on the streets.  The cats in well maintained and controlled free roaming cat colonies get trapped, fixed, their shots, and any medical needs addressed, plus they are provided with shelters and clean and tidy feeding stations. 

Best practices for feeding and other policies and procedures must be followed by the cats' caregivers to ensure things are done right.   CCFAW do not create or start cat colonies, the colonies already exist; our job is to go in and humanely manage that colony with TNR.    See recent press release on CCFAW.  

Donations - Give The Gift of Life

To help reduce the number of dogs and cats killed due to overpopulation, please consider making a donation today and help us “Give the Gift of Life” by clicking the 'donate' button below. 

Big John and his dog Goliath from the Big Talk Radio Show on 1380 AM from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. daily are helping Concerned Citizens for Animal Welfare and Sophie’s Circle raise money to help animals through BIG BUCKS FOR PETS If each person in Volusia County would donate $1.00 (or more) these 501-C-3 charities could provide pet food and low cost veterinary services for spay and neuter to residents throughout the county who are financially challenged. Donate to BIG BUCKS FOR PETS by clicking on the “Donate” button below.

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